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ERW GI Pipe Production Line

ERW GI Pipe Making Machine/Pipe Mill/Tube mill/welded pipe
production is used to producesteel carbon steel pipes, galvanized pipes of 8mm-127mm in OD and 0.3mm-4.0mmin wall thickness, as well as corresponding squareand rectangular pipe.

Brand: Foshan Hotech
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Product Description:

ERW Pipe Machine/High frequency tube production line/Pipe Making Machine

High frequency tube production line is used to produce Carbon steel, Mild steel, Galvanized pipe in high speed, which can reach 20-150m/min. ranging from 8mm to 127mm in outer diameter and 0.3mm to 4.0mm in wall thickness.

HR/CR carbon steel or galvanized steel

High-Strength Low -Alloy- Steel(HSLA)

Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS)

The monthly output is more than 500-200 tons, the capacity is base on the tube mill design, as a professional erw pipe mill manufacturer, Foshan Hotech factory can design the ERW pipe manufacturing machine for every customer.

Features of ERW Pipe Manufacturing Machine:

1. Precision Pipe Production:

Craft steel carbon pipes and galvanized tubes ranging from 8mm to 127mm in outer diameter and 0.3mm to 4.0mm in wall thickness. Additionally, create square and rectangular pipes with accuracy.

2. High-Speed Production Line:

Utilize a high-frequency tube production line capable of achieving impressive speeds between 20 to 150 meters per minute. This high-speed production is adaptable for various steel types including HR/CR carbon steel, galvanized steel, HSLA, and AHSS.

3. Flexible Monthly Output:

Achieve a monthly output exceeding 500 to 200 tons, with the ERW pipe plant's capacity tailored to suit individual designs. Foshan Hotech factory offers customization to meet specific production needs.

4. Versatile Applications:

Designed for use across diverse industries including construction, automotive, general mechanical tubing, furniture, agriculture, and chemistry. Offers adaptability and efficiency across various sectors.

5. Enhanced Efficiency and Quality:

Ensure high production efficiency with line speeds reaching up to 130m/min. High automation and stability improve overall product quality, reducing defective rates.

Applications of ERW Pipe Manufacturing Machine:

1. Construction Industry: Produce pipes essential for structural applications in construction projects.

2. Automotive Sector: Manufacture pipes used in vehicle manufacturing and exhaust systems.

3. General Mechanical Tubing: Fabricate pipes for various mechanical purposes in machinery and equipment.

4. Furniture Manufacturing: Create pipes utilized in the construction of furniture and interior fittings.

5. Agricultural Applications: Produce pipes for agricultural irrigation systems and equipment.

6. Chemical Industry: Craft pipes used in chemical processing and conveying applications.

ERW Pipe Manufacturing Machine

After Sale Service
Warranty time1 year
Installation service15 years experience engineer base on salary
Factory layout drawingProvide
Return visit service2-3 times per month 
Field visit service

2-3 times for mature market

ERW pipe manufacturing process

ERW Pipe Manufacturing Machine

ERW Pipe Manufacturing Machine

ERW Pipe Manufacturing Machine

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