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Electrical Control Automatic Square Pipe Polishing Machine

Square Pipe Polishing Machine use to polish the surface of square/ rectangle pipes mirror finishing, matte finishing, sand finishing , hairline finishing 
Using flap wheels, cloth wheel, sisal with cloth wheel,wind cloth wheel and polishing wax to polishing tube surface.

Brand: Foshan Hotech
Payment: T/T, L/C
Delivery:40-60 days
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Product Description:

Square pipe polishing machine is specifically engineered to deliver impeccable mirror, matte, sand, and hairline finishes on square/rectangle pipes. The use of flap wheels, cloth wheel, sisal with cloth wheel, wind cloth wheel, and polishing wax ensures a refined surface.

Square tube polishing machine features:

◆ Versatile Polishing Options: The pipe polishing machine allows for mirror finishing, matte finishing, sand finishing, and hairline finishing using various polishing components.

◆ Convenient Adjustment: Easy control via an Electricity button/Hand wheel adjustment (TWO WAY), enhancing operational efficiency significantly.

◆ Enhanced Maintenance: Heightening motor design facilitates easy maintenance and replacement, ensuring continuous productivity.

◆ Sturdy Build: Crafted with thick steel plate whole welding for a more robust and durable structure, ensuring longevity.

◆ Improved Polishing Mechanism: Installed dovetail slider ensures smooth polishing operations, resulting in superior finishing effects.

◆ Reliable Construction: Steel plate milling & aging treatment guarantee stability and reliability, minimizing wear and tear.

◆ Efficient Power Utilization: Speed control facilitated by a frequency conversion motor, ensuring power saving while maintaining high performance standards.

Square Tube Polishing Machine

Square Tube Polishing Machine

Our advantages

◆ Industrial Precision: The box pipe polishing machine is ideal for industries requiring precise tube finishes for various applications like architecture, furniture, automotive, and more.

◆ Customization: Rectangular pipe polishing machine is perfect for achieving different surface finishes, catering to specific client demands and varied industry requirements.

◆ Quality Assurance: Rigorous checks and top-grade materials ensure flawlessness, offering customers defect-free tube finishes.

As an experienced pipe polishing machine manufacturer, Hotech is committed to delivering a range of high-quality square and round tube polishing machines. Our steel pipe polishing machines are developed using top-tier raw materials and modern technology, adhering to established specifications. Each automatic polishing machine undergoes stringent checks to provide customers with impeccable products.

Machine Parameter
Polishing Head12 head / 16 head / 28 head / 32head / 36 Head 
Pipe material
Stainless steel , Carbon steel , Aluminum etc.
Pipe thickness 0.3-5.0mm
Pipe size
10x10-100x100mm / 100x100-200x200mm
PowerCustomized or Fix 5.5 KW whole polishing machine
Operation1 person operate two polishing machine

Polishing Materials Match With Square Pipe Polishing Machine
Flap wheel
Sisal wheel
Sisal cloth wheel
Cloth wheel
Wind cloth wheel

After Sales Service
Warranty time1 year
Installation serviceProvide base on salary
Factory layout design serviceProvide for free

Square Tube Polishing Machine

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