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High Frequency Tube Production Line

High frequency tube mill is used to producesteel carbon steel pipes, galvanized pipes of 8mm-127mm in OD and 0.3mm-4.0mmin wall thickness, as well as corresponding square and rectangular pipe.

Brand: Foshan Hotech
Payment: T/T, L/C
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Product Description:

ERW Pipe Machine/High frequency tube production line/Pipe Making Machine

Experience high-speed production like never before, reaching an impressive 20-150m/min. This ensures a monthly output of over 500-200 tons, with capacity tailored to your specific needs. High frequency pipe mill machine is used to produce:

HR/CR carbon steel or galvanized steel

High-Strength Low -Alloy- Steel(HSLA)

Advanced High-Strength Steels (AHSS)

ERW Tube Milling Machine Applications

◆ General Mechanical Tubing: Create reliable mechanical tubing for various industries.

◆ Construction: Contribute to the construction sector by producing high-quality pipes.

◆ Automotive: Support the automotive industry with precision-made components.

◆ Furniture: Craft durable and resilient furniture components.

◆ Agriculture: Contribute to the agricultural sector with pipes built to last.

◆ Chemical Industry: Ensure the safe and efficient transport of chemicals.

ERW Tube Milling Machine Advantages

1. High Production Efficiency: Achieve remarkable line speeds of up to 130m/min, enhancing productivity and reducing manufacturing time.

2. High Automation: Streamline your operations with top-notch automation, resulting in consistent output quality.

3. High Strength: High frequency tube milling machine operates seamlessly at high speeds, ensuring top-notch product quality and a low defective product rate.

After Sale Service
Warranty time1 year
Installation service15 years experience engineer base on salary
Factory layout drawingProvide
Return visit service2-3 times per month 
Field visit service

2-3 times for mature market

High Frequency ERW Tube Milling Machine

High Frequency ERW Tube Milling Machine

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