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Unbeatable After-sales Support for Hassle-free Production

tube mill Installation and commissioning.jpg1.Installation and commissioning: We will dispatch technicians to the customer's site to install and commission the equipment, ensuring that the equipment operates normally and meets the customer's requirements.


2.Technical training: We will provide technical training on equipment operation and maintenance to help customers better understand and master the equipment's use and maintenance techniques.


3.Maintenance service: We will provide equipment maintenance services and spare parts supply to ensure that the equipment can be repaired and damaged parts can be replaced in a timely manner during use.


4.After-sales service hotline: We will establish an after-sales service hotline so that customers can receive timely assistance and solutions when they encounter problems during equipment use.


5.Equipment upgrade and modification: We will provide equipment upgrade and modification services to make the equipment adaptable to market changes and technological updates, maintaining the equipment's competitiveness and production efficiency.


Unbeatable After-sales Support for Hassle-free Production

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Phone: +86 13622727078

Tel: +86 13622727078


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